About Us

Independent Buddies is a licensed and insured company with theft coverage for all our clients as well. We have been in business for 13 years and have hundreds of clients in the Northern VA, DC & MD. They all will be more than happy to be a reference for us if you may need any. Independent Buddies is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

We currently do not have any certifications or associations with any affiliates being that we have a excellent service that conducts all care in a very professional and detailed manner that does not require any certifications. However, we do work closely and donate every year to the Arlington Pediatric Center that helps raise funds for children in need of health care without the funds to get it on their own. Another charity we work with is SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now), we have been donating to them as well because we feel that it too is great cause.

Our services would include dog walking & exercising, all pet in-home boarding care, pet taxi, grooming, and 24-hour daily care for those like most of us that work hard, travel or have a social life. We are also experienced in administering medication as well. The walking time starts when we get outside and not when we arrive like other companies!

Now for our last minute walks due to emergencies, working late or just getting caught up with life we have a 1-2 hour window from the time that you call to set up for the walk/feeding. I have tons of clients that believe we’re life savers when it comes to this part of the service cause you never know when you can’t come home

Our rates are not only affordable but competitive and fit to all clients. Due to the nature of our company we understand the expensive costs in the care of pets today. We can discuss specific prices for your needs as well as set up a time frame in which we will schedule the sessions during the consultation.

All of our walkers must have a clear knowledge with the care of all animals and show a consistently professionalism and responsibility. We conduct backgrounds checks for all of our walkers.

However, we are a very close knit bunch and some have worked with Independent Buddies for years. The new walkers are not officially hired for 3 months so that we can put them through a trial period on which we monitor very closely.

We are a small business with many clients in the region and we provide the personal attention that our clients should receive from any company that they are trusting with their family (pack) members.

Thank you for your business, we do honor it!

My Best,

Min Min Oo
Independent Buddies, LLC
“Every Buddy Needs a Break!”